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Abhishek is highly respected, experienced and knoweldgeable faculty member bringing great depth of knowledge to the organization.  

The Yoga Sutras and the Gita are the two most scientific books in the world that enables the student to begin the journey towards mastery of the Self, so that one may evolve to a higher state of being. Both texts go hand in hand and give the practioner a clear picture of human evolution throughout our life practice. It helps all the SADHAKAS (practitioners) to identify their individual path, and to develop the strength, clarity and courage to live their lives with intention, clarity and equanamity.  Abhishek challenges each students thought and belief systems, enabing each one to break through old patterns and to move into the exploration of the new, towards a greater expansion of the individual self.

Abhishek also holds a degree in Computer Science, History and Mass Communication.  He has als received the 900 Hour TTC form the Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, where he began his yoga career.  He has also been an honourable faculty member at the Yoga Institute since 2009.

He teaches both the Bhagvad Gita and the Yoga Sutras.  


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