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Shri Niranjan G Gogia is a revered guest faculty memeber at Yogacara. He has been associated with “The Yoga Institute” Santacruz, Mumbai as a regular faculty memeber for the since September, 1986, teaching Yoga, Technology, Philosophy and applied Yoga Psychology based on the yoga scripture of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Samkhya Karika of Ishvar Krishna.

Shri Gogia taught Yoga based programs on Health Care, Stress Management, Improving Concentration and Memory etc at the National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics, (NACEN), Western Region, Bhandup from 1999 to 2010. He was a visiting faculty at the Philosophy Department of Mumbai University and taught the students of M.A. (Phil) the Yoga Text, Samkhya Metaphysics and Practical Yoga Techniques of yoga like Asana, Pranayama, Bandhas Mudras etc.

Shri Gogia has also carried out research under the guidance of Doctor Jaidev Yogendra, Director, Yoga Institute Santacruz, Mumbai related to various Concepts and Techniques of Yoga. Contributed for Preparation and publication of books such as the Yoga Cyclopedia Volume I ( Related to research of the Concept & Technique of Asana since the time of Vedas), Yoga Cyclopedia Volume II (Related to research in the area of Yoga Education), Yoga Cyclopedia Volume III ( Related to the Yoga Psychology and mental health), Yoga for Children - Teacher’s Manual ( Ways and methods To teach the Yoga concepts like Body awareness, Concentration, Relaxation, Humility, Tapa(Mauna) and Yoga Cyclopedia Volume IV – ( Related to a comparative study between Yoga & Mysticism)

Shri Gogia under the guidance of Doctor Jaidev and funded by the Yoga Institute, conceived, wrote the script, Directed and acted in a 12 minutes film on the routines and rituals to be incorporated in the daily living of an ordinary householder for leading a happy and healthy life. He has also contributed and acted in a short film made on Yoga and Yoga Institute by Ms Mirium D’souza. He has also demonstrated valuable Yoga techniques in a popular TV serial of 50 episodes on Yoga for better living.


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