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Shailaja McFadyen is a highly passionate Yoga practitioner, having dedicated her life to teaching and enhancing the lives of other since 1989. She completed her Yoga Teachers Training program in 1988 with the Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz Mumbai and has been active participant as a faculty member, trainer and researcher. She has also been teaching in various countries around the world.  

Shailaja has worked with the team of the publication department and has helped in producing many of the books of The Yoga Institute, including, Yoga of Caring, Insights, Your Words. Our Path, Pregnancy Parenthood and Yoga, Yogic Life Control of Diabetes, Yogic Life, Cure of Asthma and Bronchitis, How to Reverse Heart Disease the Yogic Way- Research, Facts and Programme. Shailaja has also delivered talks on Yoga to the students of the Department of Comparative Religion at the Carlton University, Ottawa. 

Shailaja has also extended the healing power of Yoga by teaching at a home for people suffering from schizophrenia. She has also taught at the St. Patrick’s Home for the Aged, in Ottawa. Shailaja also taught at the Maison de France, which is part of the French Consulate. She also has taught five princesses of the Saudi Royal family the al-Saud family. Her teachings also extend to people in the Lebanese, European and American communities. She also has a penchant for creating artwork from painting, pottery, clay work etc.

Shailaja has excellent technical and human skills. Her dedication and resourcefulness are commendable. Her vast teaching experience teaching in Canada, the Middle East and India makes her an important asset in the diverse teaching skills offered at Yogacara. Shailaja teaches Hiistory and Background of Yoga, the Important Ancient texts that define Yogic Philosophy, and inspires each student to understand and come on the path of Yoga by implementing simple changes into their daily lives. 



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