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Living in Bombay and walking the mad and chaotic streets, Shirin thought one needs to find peace somehow, if it is not outside then it has to be found inside.

Shirin has studied with Jehangir Palkhivala and subsequently with Nirav Gandhi and Radhika Vachani, all of whom are from the Iyengar lineage. She also learnt Ashthanga Vinyasa yoga with Deepika Mehta, a student of Pattabhi Jois, and trained with David Swenson at the Purple Valley Retreat in Goa, and also with Heather Elton and Emil Wendel at the Satsanga Retreat in Goa.

Shirin is an advanced hatha yoga practitioner whose teaching style inculcates many aspects of the Iyengar methodology. Her teachings are focused on proper alignment, technique, and movement integrated with the breath. As poses are held, one moves the consciousness deeper, slowly becoming more aware of the present moment, and opening up to whatever is arising within us. There is a beautiful intelligence within each one of us that slowly begins to awaken as we develop a deeper insight into our inner selves.

Shirin firmly believes that if everyone practiced yoga and its underlying principles and philosophies, the world would be a far better place for everyone. Yoga gave Shirin the inner peace and serenity she hoped she would find, to balance in the chaotic and stressful life so typical of a city like Bombay.

Other than yoga, Shirin is a passionate scuba diving and travels to remote locations to dive. The quiet rhythms of nature, the womblike feeling of being several meters under the ocean or holding a pose in stillness to her, is all yoga. Through this journey of the inner self one begins to appreciate the totality of the moment and the synchronicity and rhythms found in all living things. Yoga makes your relationship with your self and with your world harmonious and full of grace. But, it has to start on the mat!

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