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After a lot of soul-searching, Myron embraced the teachings and practice of Yoga, and living his life dedicated to spreading the benefits of this amazing science .

Myron is a faculty member at the Yogacara Institute and also of the Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, Mumbai. He is trained in Hatha Yoga and also teaches Pranyama, Guided Relaxation and Kriyas.

A strong believer in volunteering and giving back to society, Myron teaches yoga to the Force One Mumbai Police, and has taught Yoga at the Urban Community Development Centre for underprivileged children, Mumbai. He has also volunteered for various health and educational camps for the Mumbai police. He has taught differently-abled children, at The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, and Mumbai and has also lent his expertise and guidance to with underprivileged children at B.E.C.C. (Bandra East Community Centre).

The principle philosophy behind Myron's teachings is living Yoga as a life practice with an emphasis on a pure, organic and natural way of life.

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