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Elevated stress levels, lack of regular exercise and a fast paced life results in pain, stiffness and blocked energy. This creates muscle stiffness, spasms, back problems and low levels of energy.

The Yoga Alignment Massage (AYM) is a specialized technique that requires a highly trained therapist to use unique massage techniques with yoga based stretching, to open up the body layer by layer, working through the various systems of the body. This is a deeply therapeutic massage, where the therapist first works with the nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems of the body. Then deep body work begins to systematically release all the tense and stressed layers.  The body is completely re-aligned and brought to a renewed state of being.

This is our signature treatment, using light aroma oil, leading to a deeply rejuvenated and healed mind and body. 

90 Mins: Rs 2,900 ~ 120 Mins: 3,500 (highly recommended)-incl. taxes

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