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Our body accumulates toxins through the foods that we eat, pesticides, bad lifestyle habits, the environment, stress, and more. As toxins accumulate in the body the cells begin to get blocked and their ability to get nourished diminish hugely, in turn affecting our organs. The body weakens from these accumulated toxins and the body's ability to function at optimal efficiency diminishes, and the net result is an imbalanced body resulting in dis-ease and illness of varying degrees.

The Ayurvedic detoxification therapies known as Vaman and Virechen are cellular detoxes that purify the blood and cleanse the cells thoroughly, enhancing the organs ability to get nourished properly so that they function at optimal level. This detoxification treatment is highly effective in the prevention of chronic diseases, ailments, and anti-aging, leaving one with a tremendous feeling of energy and vitality.

Time required: 7 days with only 3 one hour sessions at Yogacara

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