Code of Conduct at Yogacara Institute

The Yogacara Institute is committed to creating a supportive, creative, respectful and open environment of learning and personal growth. In this spirit, students are advised to respect the following guidelines:

  1. Student responsibilities:
    1. Students are responsible for their own wellbeing during the class and their readiness to join our programs. Students are advised to partake in the physical practice of asana at their own pace and limitations.
    2. It is the sole responsibility of the Students to consult a physician prior to their participation in the programs offered by The Institute.
    3. Students are required to inform the Director, if there have been any changes in their medical/ health condition, which might affect their participation.
    4. Men and women should wear proper clothing. Transparent, low cut, or revealing clothing is not permitted in the Institute. Neither is Indian clothing permitted during asana classes as it restricts movement. Students are expected to dress appropriately respecting the ancient practice of Yoga and our educational environment.
    5. Students are expected to treat all Staff and Volunteers with courtesy at all times. Service of the Staff and Volunteers shall NOT be utilized for private or personal work. No tips in cash or kind should be given to the Teaching Staff and Volunteers of the Institute. Behavior to Refrain from at the Institute:
    6. Refrain from indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive behaviour or language (whether expressed orally or in writing, including electronically) whilst on the Institute's premises or engaged in any Institute activity or otherwise affecting or concerning a Institute student or member of staff;
    7. Refrain from action likely to cause injury or impair safety on the Institute's premises;
    8. Refrain from obstruction of, or improper interference with, the functions, duties or activities of any student, member of staff or other employee of the Institute or any authorised visitor to the Institute;
    9. Refrain from action likely to impair security on Institute premises (including the passing of security codes to those not authorised to use them, copying of Institute keys, and disabling of locks and fastenings);
    10. Refrain from damage to, or defacement of the Institute's property or the property of other members of the Institute's community caused intentionally or recklessly, and misappropriation of such property;
    11. Refrain from dropping litter of any description on the Institute's premises, whether inside or outside buildings;
    12. Refrain from placing posters, signs or notices on any surface other than authorized notice boards;
    13. Refrain from misuse or unauthorised use of Institute's premises or items of property, including computer misuse, the misuse or disabling of fire-prevention or fire-fighting equipment, the misuse or alteration of electrical fittings and the unauthorised use of electrical appliances;
    14. Refrain from conduct which constitutes a criminal offence, where that conduct:
      1. took place on the Institute premises, or
      2. affected or concerned other members of the InstituteFs community, or
      3. damages the good name of the Institute, or
      4. itself constitutes misconduct within the terms of this Code, or
    15. Refrain from use mobile phones and other communication devices only in designated areas.
    16. Refrain from inappropriate displays of affection are discouraged.
    17. Refrain from smoking, drinking, of alcohol, or use of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Institute
  2. Confidential Information
    1. The Institute is a place of learning and growth where often students share personal information during lectures and discussions. Making false statements about others with malice or publicly disclose another's private information will not be tolerated at the Institute.
    2. The Institute provides an environment of safe learning and growth. By joining the course students agree to respect the need for confidentiality of all students participating in the course.
    3. During the course, students may have the opportunity to interact with Coach/Counselor to aid personal growth and to ensure that students are getting the most out of the course. All information shared with the Coach/Counselor will be held strictly confidential with institute management or other, unless where it involves the following circumstances:
      1. Intent of Harm to Self
      2. Intent of Harm to others
      3. Intent of Harm to the Institute's reputation
      4. Court of law requesting the information.
  3. Complaints and Handling of Complaints
    The subject of the complaint should relate specifically to one or more of the following, or comparable issues:
    1. Failure of the Institute to meet obligations including those outlined in course
    2. Concerns about the delivery of a program, teaching, supervision or administration staff
    3. Poor quality of facilities, learning resources or services provided directly by the Institute
    4. Complaints involving other organisations or contractors providing a service on behalf of the institute
    5. Complaints relating to allegations of bullying, harassment or victimisation by other students or members of staff

    All complaints must be documented in writing with the full name of the student, date of complaint and handed to the Director or Coach/Counselor of the Institute. Email is considered an acceptable means.

  4. Attendance & Communication
    Attendance and full participation in the scheduled classes is mandatory. If for any reason you must be absent from any part of the daily schedule, a written notice must be emailed to the Director.
    Over 5% of absence, without permission from classes may result in dismissal from the course.
  5. The Learning Environment
    The Institute endeavours to establish and nurture a vibrant learning environment and community based on respect, empathy, risk-taking, best effort, advocacy of every student's voice, recognition of what unites the community, celebration of the unique contributions each student has to offer, while fostering an atmosphere of debate, discussion, discipline and routines to support rich learning.
    The Institute's premises, walls, classroom information, interactions between students and faculty, and students as well, demonstrates the range of ways in which the Institute works to build vibrant, learning-focused communities that value students and their personal growth. The programs offered at the Yogacara Institute are a catalyst for personal transformation that challenge a student's beliefs, the way they view themselves and the world. The goal is to develop resilience, the strength and clarity to live a more balanced and fulfilling life despite the challenges of day-to-day living. Students will be introduced to new ways of thinking, and seeking meaning and happiness in their lives, and also becoming more responsible and conscious citizens of the world. In this spirit, students are requested to participate fully, and to contribute to this environment of learning and growth.
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. Apart from the food served in the Institute, no outside food is allowed on the premises, except fruits. Food shall be consumed in the designated area only and not anywhere else. Eating in class is strictly prohibited
    2. Photography and video filming by students is not allowed during classes. Exceptions to this rule will be announced by the Director for special occasions.
    3. The Institute does not accept responsibility for student's belongings. Lockers are provided at the reception area for safe-keeping.
  7. Promotional Material Yogacara often takes photos and videos of our members and community to enhance the community experience, and to also create memories for you - be it with the yoga classes, retreats, TTC, or other events. We often use this material for our social media, promotions and advertising. If you do not wish to be a part of this initiative, please let us know.

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200 Hour- Level One Yoga Teacher Training Course

Congratulations on your decision to enroll in the Level One Yoga Teacher Training Course. Whether you are doing this course to become a teacher, or just to enhance your own practice, you have made a wonderful decision. Teaching and living Yoga as a Life Practice is an amazing and gratifying journey, and one that enhances your life immensely.

To be accepted into the TTC, you need to have ideally practiced yoga on a regular basis for at least two years and must demonstrate proficiency with all the basic asanas. This training is mentally and physically challenging, and requires total dedication over the 6-week period to get the best out of the course. We welcome you to apply to the Teacher Training and we look forward to getting to know you better. Please fill out the information below as we can proceed with the application requirements.

Once you send in the form, you need to come in and do an interview with us which begins with ou attending a class taught by Radhika Vachani.  Please call +9122 2651 1464 ~ +91 98331 98371 to fix an appointment.


Name :
Gender : Male Female
Address :
Date of Birth :
Visa Requirement: Yes No
Email :
Tel(H) :
Current Occupation :
Which TTC are you signing up for: Month & Year:
Please answer the following questions about your interest in Yoga in about 200 to 300 words.We recommend you write your answers on a word document and then paste into the questionnaire, so you can save your answers.
1. Please give us a brief history and description of your experience with Yoga.What does yoga mean to you? When did you start studying yoga? How often do you practice? What style of yoga do you practice? How has your practice changed over time? How has yoga influenced you as a human being?
2. Why have you decided to do this course? What do you hope to achieve from your Teacher Training, and what are your goals?
3. Why do you want to teach yoga?
B. MEDlCAL HISTORY information is kept Confidential)
Please list your medical history, past injuries physical disabilites,or any health issues(mental,emotional or physical) that could affect your participation in the training.if yes,please describe,Are you currently taking any medication ?
C. Please Let Us Know Where You Have Been Practicing Yoga - Name And Address Of Center
Add numbers      4 + 2 =

Mandatory: Please click here to read Code of Conduct at Yogacara Institute.
 I have fully read and agree to all the terms of participation as stated in the Code of Conduct on the link above. I agree to and confirm my participation in the teacher training program.
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