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    Prevention Is Better Than Cure

    Yogacara's Wellness Diagnostics Packages

    Yogacara's Wellness Diagnostics Packages Premium Complete Essential Advanced Advanced +
        25+ Yrs 35+ Yrs 45+ Yrs  
    Basic Blood Tests
    Diabetes Screening (HBa1C & ABG)
    Lipid (Total Cholesterol) Profile, Triglycerides
    Renal (Kidney) Profile
    Liver Profile
    Thyroid Profile
    Iron Deficiency
    Complete Hemogram
    Vitamin Tests
    Folic Acid (for Female)      
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin D - Total
    Cardiac Risk Markers
    Lipo Protein A1    
    C-reactive Protein (hS-CRP)    
    Apolipoprotein B    
    Apo B / Apo A1 Ratio    
    Lipoprotein (LPA)    
    Advanced Hormone Tests
    Prostrate Sensitivity (PSA) (Male)      
    Oestrogen (Male and Female)      
    Progesterone (Female)      
    Ferritin (Female)      
    Testoterone Total (Male)      
    Other Advanced Blood Tests
    Pancreas Profile      
    Electrolyte Profile      
    Complete Basofil Count        
    Yogacara Support Services
    Complete Doctor Consultation-prognosis & consultation  
    Education & Counselling  
    Define Prevention Protocols  
    Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling  
    Stress Management Plan  
    Wellness Plan Adherance Support  
    Support Needed Behavioural Change  
    Doctor Blood Report Review        
    MRP for Health Management Packages Rs 1,800 Rs 2,900 Rs 4,500 Rs 5,500 Rs 5,900
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