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I had stiffness in my back and shoulders.. but after the AYM body work, I felt relaxed. I could really get addicted to the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM).

Deanne Panday


Thank you for blessing me with the AYM massage. It was exactly what I needed. It helped stretch and open my body. What is interesting is that my body also felt realigned. The repeated encouragement to take deep breaths really helped take the massage to the deeper tissue and made me very relaxed. Overall, I thoroughly recommend it for anyone from any walk of life. It's restful and rejuvenating at the same time. Thanks.

Sarah-Jane Dias


I really enjoyed the AYM massage as it was the first time I had this kind of feeling during a massage. It was not only a very enjoyable massage but more importantly I went through a real 'experience'. I feel like I went into a state of total relaxation which was quite amazing! I guess I was able to feel this way because I let myself totally go. Moreover, the fact that one is asked to focus on the breathing enables us to open up even more. The massage was quite complete as it focuses on deep tissue movement, oil application and flexibility. After the massage, I felt so happy and serene and my breathing was much better. As you can see, it was really great!

Pauline V


Firstly, I loved my massage.

My nerve that was giving me trouble in my neck seems to have completely healed. Although I do still have a bit of pain in my thoracic back and left side of the base of my neck. My hips were definitely loosened as I could feel them gently pop into place once I stood up from the massage.

Some of the highlights for me would be:

Constant reminder of breath

Thai body work combined with deep tissue oil massage. These have always been two separate concepts in my head and I loved the combination of the two

Shoulder work. I could really feel my shoulders releasing as the massage progressed.

Andrea B


My first AYM experience was absolutely amazing. You constantly feel as if he is having a dialogue with your body. A lot of things changed since the very first moment i came out of the massage room, the most important: i felt i became myself again, i realised i was neglecting some aspects of my life and surprisingly the massage gave me a different perspective of things in a very cathartic way.

I would totally recommend it to everyone since it´s a life changing experience. Every aspect of yourself improves and you feel a deep connection with Michael that makes the massage feel very human and full of spirit and soul.

Gabriela Cárdenas.


My first massage since I have come to Bombay and trust me I have had plenty. Yogacara, Bandra...book one now!!



I was suffering a little from jet-lag on arrival in Mumbai and was so relieved you could fit me in for a massage. And what a massage it was. The most amazing massage I have ever had. I have been lucky enough to have had others in Thailand, which I had thought were the best I had experienced, until now.

I found the technique, with the yoga inclusions, very unique and quite challenging at times, but the end result was worth it.

When the massage was finished, I was as relaxed as I have ever been in my whole life. All aches and pain had vanished and I felt very alive and ready for anything. Thank you Michael for giving me such an amazing experience. I would recommend you to anyone.

Roz H


I found it very relaxing and beneficial to some of my body aches and strains and I will definitely be continuing to book AYM. Regards

Mark F


I had never had a yoga massage before my first session with you and I was not sure exactly what to expect. I had started yoga for the first time this year and through the yoga practice it became obvious to me which of my muscle groups were tighter and less flexible than others. Before I started yoga I had been going to the gym but I didn't find the gym sessions enjoyable or beneficial to my body. I was also left with tightness of my IT band and psoas muscle from running and I suffered an injury to my adductor/abductor muscles in the gym too.

I feel I am gaining strength of my body and mind through yoga practice. The yoga massage complements the yoga practice perfectly and the massage has been a revelation. The yoga massage experience has not only taught me a lot about my body but it is also curing the pain I had in my lower back. The yoga massage is helping me improve my flexibility of tight joints and muscles and the tension I had in my shoulder region is melting away more and more with each session. My body feels lighter and more free to move than ever before thanks to your massage.

The intensity of the massage counterbalanced by the soothing atmosphere of the massage room creates the perfect recipe for well-being and calmness.

Anette C


I never had such a special massage that had such an energizing result. I felt totally calm while experiencing it. It made my complete body felt much more relaxed and flexible and my mind went completely blank (in a positive way!) and had a rollercoaster emotional experience (from laughter to tears). After the massage, I felt totally at ease and felt like all negative energy was gone. I'd wish I lived more close so I could book a massage like that every week, but should I come to Bombay again I will definitely book another massage :) 

Jana P


My background is in remedial massage and alternative medicine. I was not expecting such a treatment as I got because I have not had much success with other masseurs. With the work upon my frame with such depth that I felt like I was walking on air afterwards. I could not believe the difference!

I have returned home to Australia after living in Mumbai for 2 years and miss these treatments. I wish I could have brought him back with me!

Mark Lambrick


I would just like to say thank you. The massage I had at Yogacara was simply the best. I arrived feeling jet lagged and exhausted and left feeling energized and balanced. The unique method of massage caters for individual needs. Tell the masseur what you want to achieve and let the magic get to work.

I will definitely be booking in next time I'm in Bombay. Thanks again.

Toni C


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