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Lisa Johnson

It seems only fitting to write an evaluation for the Living Yoga & Hiking Retreat, while sitting at Yogacara eating a delicious moong bean soup and waiting for an Ayurvedic treatment.

I've been part of the Yogacara community for 3 years now and I registered for the Retreat because of "the knowns" which were:

  1. Radhika's ability to plan and execute yoga and meditation sessions that leave me feeling serene, confident, and true.
  2. I needed a respite from the "maximum city" Mumbai that would allow me the space to breathe, think and reflect.
  3. That this Yogacara offering would be delivered again with the same quality as the workshops, courses, and classes I have previously attended at Yogacara.
The "knowns" alone made it a fantastic trip!

But, it was the "pleasant surprises" that sealed the deal for me and that will ensure that I go on another Yogacara Retreat.
  1. Sitla estate sits overlooking a beautiful terraced valley and faces the foothills of the Himalayas. Accommodation is comfortable, clean, and cozy and of the highest quality with stunning vistas.
  2. The location offers a visitor a slice of India that is not very common and critical to a truly deep and meaningful relationship with this amazing country.
  3. The phenomenal food was comprised of fresh local ingredients and the menu was developed and lovingly prepared by Vikram himself. The Sitla team knows what customer service is all about. They were humble, honest, and made me feel as if I was at home.
  4. And then there were the outdoor meditations, Iyengar yoga asana practice and lectures on the wisdom of living yoga conducted by Radhika, hiking on various terrain, bird watching, singing, dancing........ I could say more.......BUT you've got to experience it for yourself!


Renee Thuard

The Living Yoga & Hiking Retreat was a key step in my spiritual journey adding onto the daily practice that I have been doing with Yogacara for 3 years now. The Retreat enabled me to continue to deepen my understanding of human behavior and more importantly, myself.

For 7 days we practiced meditation, pranayama, Iyengar yoga, learned about philosophy and how to apply it to our daily lives, as well as enjoyed each other's company during our hikes in the jungle and the wonderful meals. It was a beautiful cocktail of experiences that enabled me to open my mind, break from habits that I needed to let go off, be peaceful, and to connect with nature.

Being far from home, away from an agitated city life gave me the opportunity to be free from any stress, and to focus completely on myself and all that the Retreat had to offer. I saw fantastic improvements in myself within days.

The team at Sitla Estate hugely contributed to making our stay wonderful. We stayed in a lovely homestay run by Vikram Maira - a great host who also has a wonderful gift for cooking! Vikram was also a wonderful guide on our hikes in the mountains exposing us to different and stunning terrain. Furthermore, Radhika's unshakeable support and her motivation to help us progress and break through barriers made this Retreat a very unique and invaluable experience.

I can say with total assurance that I have seen a marked progression in my spiritual journey during this Retreat, and very much look forward to participating in upcoming Retreats organized by Yogacara.

Megan Peart

The Living Yoga & Hiking Retreat will stand out as a highlight of my time in India. The week was a perfect balance – the yoga, hiking and meditation, together with delicious food and beautiful natural surroundings in the Himalayas, worked together to challenge, strengthen and nourish my body, mind and spirit.

The biggest thing I personally took away from the retreat was a new-found appreciation of meditation. Radhika guided us through many different and interesting meditations over the week, and I really fell in love with the practice. I’ve worked to incorporate meditation into my daily routine since the retreat to continue to enjoy the sense of peace and ‘centeredness’ that it provides me. I’m sure it will become a lifelong practice.

I would recommend the Yogacara Retreat to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of yoga and experience an immersion in nature. It is a special opportunity to get out of the daily bustle of the city and busyness of family and work so that you can, for a full week, focus on developing and restoring yourself.

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