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We hope through the sharing of our client’s experiences, we can spread the word, and help others become aware of the wonderful benefits of holistic healing therapies such as yoga, pranayama, meditation, energy healing, and others, as a preventive and curative science, if taught correctly. While Yogācāra always seeks written permission from our clients to use their medical data and testimonials of their experiences, the privacy of our clients is of utmost importance to us.  As a result, we share our client’s experiences without the use of their names.

Client # 1

One of our younger members joined Yogācāra with some serious medical issues. In Feb 2010, he had a brain tumor removed in the US, and was put on steroids for life to compensate for the low levels of cortisol being produced by his body. The steroid dosage also resulted in a big weight battle for him.

"I worked full time in a financial institution, and sometime in the afternoon everyday, I would become nearly dysfunctional with pounding headaches that would prevent me from continuing to work successfully through the rest of the day. Further, my energy levels were very low, and I would tire easily.  When I first started attending the Iyengar yoga classes at Yogacara, my vital energy, and levels of stamina were very low. Further, my headaches were insufferable.

I joined Yogacara and started doing yoga regularly 3 times per week.  Three months later my headaches reduced considerably. Initially, I found that when I took breaks from my yoga practice for a week or more, my headaches would become more frequent and severe. The correlation between my yoga practice and headaches became abundantly clear.

Over an 8-month period, with regular practice, my pounding headaches that had occurred on a daily basis for 10-11 months had become minimal, the frequency of which was directly related to my yoga sessions. In addition, after a checkup in the US in March 2011, my doctors found that the hormone and cortisol levels in my body had begun to normalize.

My steroid dosage was reduced by two thirds and the doctors told me that if I kept on this way, I could expect my steroid dosage to be reduced further within the next few months."

Given the big reduction in his steroid dosage in March 2011, we at Yogacara developed an asana pratice to increase his stamina and further develop core strength, while making sure that his headaches did not recur. We focused on asanas to stimulate the endocrine system and adrenal gland, to support the body slowly getting used to the reduction in his steroid dosage.  We also began chakra healing twice per week.

"In May 2011, I was taken off steroids 100%.  My headaches have disappeared and I now live a normal and healthy life.";

Member since October 2010

Client #2

In 2004, at age 56 I had a heart attack. All the chambers of my heart were badly damaged. Two years later on June 14, 2006, I had a medical examination and the report showed large area of infarct involving the apex, septum, and anterior wall, and small areas of inducible ischemia in the apex and apical inferior wall.

In other words, the doctors informed me that I had badly damaged arteries, and dead tissue and cells in the myocardium region of my heart. I was told to expect these areas to never recover again. I continued with my check-ups.

I joined Yogacara, and one year later on September 30th, 2011 went for another check up. My medical reports stated: “No further evidence of inducible ischemia anywhere in the myocardium.” The muscles, tissues and cells of my heart had regenerated, and my heart is now functioning as normal.

The only change in my lifestyle had been the incorporation of Iyengar yoga under the able guidance of Radhika Vachani, with pranayama and meditation, three times per week at Yogacara on a very regular basis since July 2010.

Member since July 2010

Client # 3

"I had been offered interviews by graduate schools in the US that I had applied to earlier on. I was nervous and in a chaotic state of mind. 

I started attending Iyengar yoga sessions at Yogacara, under the able guidance of Ms. Radhika Vachani. After the very first session I felt calmer. With every session, my thoughts became more focused and my temperament more tranquil. It was truly an experience of self-discovery that made me more confident and fearless. 

Apart from helping me from a mental perspective, the sessions made me feel physically stronger and more energetic. The peaceful and paradisiacal location takes you far away from the hectic Mumbai lifestyle; this coupled with guidance from highly skilled and enthusiastic instructors assures physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

I highly recommend Yogacara to anyone who is interested in self-enrichment that transcends the materialistic realm."

Member since July 2011

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When one is ill or suffering from ailments, it is easy to benchmark the changes in one’s physical body.  One can only imagine the power of Yoga and other holistic healing therapies for the fit, as a preventive and wellness science for one’s emotional, physical, and mental health.


"Radhika is extremely talented with tons of experience to share.  I truly learnt a lot; “that we are directors of our own movie” and how forgiveness is the greatest tool for huge transformation.  Thank you for a wonderful experience." - Geeta

"Radhika is an inspiring speaker and brings to her work profound ancient Indian wisdom, along with her own rich experience.  I found her insights particularly significant to my personal transformation."
- Jaishree

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