Timeless Therapies

for a Healthy Mind & Body
Timeless Therapies (go back to Massage Therapy)

Rejuvenate Me: Rs 1,100
Yoga + 30 Min. Head & Shoulder Massage

Nourish Me: Rs 1,850
One-Hour Massage of your Choice

Release My Stress: Rs 2,500
Yoga + Shirodhara + Massage

Pamper Me: Rs. 3,300
Yoga + Body Exfoliation + Massage

Heal Me: Rs. 6,600
Unltd. Yoga + Massage for One Week

Balance Me: Rs 13,900
Unltd. Yoga + Massage for One Month

Choose from:

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Relaxing

Abhyangam, Pottali, Body Exfoliation

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