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Level 1 - Certification Program : 200 Hours

Associate Level Certification Program : 150 Hours

Level 2 - Certification Program : 350 Hours

Level 3 - Certification Program : 500 Hours

The Yogacara Teacher Training is a renowned program that admits only top yoga students into the program. We offer only the highest standards of education and training under the guidance of a reputable, experienced, and diverse faculty. Only students with sufficient experience and a demonstrated commitment to the practice of yoga are admitted into the program.

A catalyst for personal transformation, the program is an excellent opportunity for students interested in teaching yoga, and also for those wanting to enhance their personal practice. The holistic understanding of the body and the mind complements and deepens both the study of yoga philosophy and the practice of meditation, and enhances our daily life experiences.

We provide the perfect environment and opportunity to develop an-indepth understanding of both the physical practice of yoga asana and yogic philosophy, with relevant application to daily life. You will study hatha yoga based on stringent principles of technique, alignment, safety and body opening principles. You will study yoga philosophy while learning how to implement this complex body of knowledge and wisdom into your daily life. You will develop a larger view of yourself and the environment that you live in, enhance your physical practice and also be introduced to new ways of thinking, and seeking meaning and happiness in your life.  

We recognise that for our teachers to be able to spread beautiful energy out into the world, and also be able to enhance the lives of others, first, our students must have a transformative experience themselves.

You will learn key poses in each category of asana (standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions), and develop depth and understanding of form and function through practice, observation, lectures, discussion, and working with other students. Learn how to teach Classical Hatha, Hatha Flow, and Restorative yoga classes so that you can address all age groups and levels of fitness with confidence and skill. In addition, you will learn basic Kriyas, Pranayama, Meditation techniques and safe practices, and learn about the role of hatha yoga in stress and health management.

On completion of the course, an examination is conducted. Students who pass the exams successfully will be awarded a teaching certificate, qualifying them to teach all age groups. Certification level will be based on the level of the course completed and also on the competency of the student. Students may apply for either the Yogacara Certification or dual certification with the Yoga Alliance.

Post the completion of the Level 1 course, students are encouraged to do the Associate Level Course or an internship at the Yogacara Centers of Wellbeing, to enable students to further develop their confidence and teaching skills. 

Pre-requisites: Minimum 3 years of regular yoga asana practice and demonstration of a very strong practice and successful interview.

1. Level 1: Yoga Instructor Program: 200 Hours (6 weeks)

i. Rs 125,000 (All Students-Yoga Alliance Global Certification)

ii. Rs 65,000 (Resident Indians only-Local Certification)

iii. Rs 45,000 (Local Certification-This is a scholarship fund that is only applicable to Indian students who can prove financial hardship)

Upcoming Programs- 2017


  • Jan 22 - March 2, 2018
  • March 12 - April 27, 2018 
  • May 2 to June 8, 2018
  • Sept 2018 (Dates to be finalized)
  • Nov 2018 (Dates to be finalized)


Level 1 - 200 Hours (6 Weeks)

  1. Practice, Training & Technique: 100
    Includes Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriyas, Workshop Formats, Karma Yoga
  2. Teaching Methodology: 20
    Working with Different Age Groups, the Art of Sequencing, Adjustments, the Business of Yoga
  3. Anatomy and Physiology: 20
    All human systems, chakras, nadis, and basic health issues, spine and joint problems.
  4. Yogic Philosophy, History, Lifestyle, Ethics, Practical Implementation: 40 hours
    History, The Yoga Sutras, Eight-Fold Path, Four Pillars of Yoga, Bhavas, The Bhagavad Gita, Ethics & Lifestyle, Attitude, Practical Implementation
  5. Group Practicum & Presentation Skills: 20
    Teaching Practice, Presentation, Demonstration, Organization, Instructions, Observation, Precision & Safety
    **Exams & Internship (optional) Exceeds the 200 hours above
    After successful completion of the 200-hour program, graduating students will be awarded a Yoga Instructor Level One Certificate.

2. Associate Level Certification Program: 150 Hours (6 Months)

Cost: Rs 50,000: includes books, six month membership at Yogacara, courses and training.  Meals are not included.

* Pre-requisite: Level 1 - 200 Hour TTC

This program launches a new teacher's journey into developing practical teaching skills that are instrumental to becoming a very competent teacher.  It entails building teaching skills, confidence and absorption of the philosophical practice of yoga into daily life. Students first begin by assisting Sr. teachers in public classes environments. Students must also attend classes for their own personal practice, further develop competency and understanding of yoga asana, philosophy, pranayama & meditation. This is the time to fully absorb all the concepts learnt in the 200-hour program and also go deeper into the practice with new material.


  1. Teaching, Assisting & Personal Practice Hours: 100 hours
  2. Pranayama & Meditation: 10 hours (overlap with a 200 hour TTC to develop proficiency, plus meditation training as per Level 2 Curriculum - mudras, japa mala, mantra chanting, relaxation)
  3. Philosophy & Practical Implementation: 25 hours (Overlap + additional Level 2 Curriculum)
  4. Reflections, papers (non-contact hours)- 15 hours

Please note: If you choose to do the Level 2- 350 Hour program with us, you will receive a credit of 150 hours towards the Level Two - 350-hour program from the Associate Level Program, you will not have to repeat these hours. You will also be given a financial credit of Rs 50,000, providing you do not repeat attendance of these classes in Level 2.

Upcoming Programs:
Oct 14, 2016
January 16, 2017

3. Level 2 - Yoga Teacher Certification Program: 350 Hours - 4 months (150-hour credit given to students who have completed the Associate Level Program)

* Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 TTC ~ Rs 1,75,000

This course aims at developing Level One students into wonderfully confident and skilled teachers.  This program marks the transition from Yoga Instructor to Yoga Teacher.

This program develop’s a student's ability to proficiently extend the practice of yoga from beyond the walls of the studio into daily life. Students must demonstrate their own spiritual transformation and the ability to incorporate simple yogic philosophy into their teachings.

Students having completed the Associate Level program will be given a credit of 150 hours plus finances for towards the Level 2 program.

4. Level 3 - Certification Program: 500 Hours

(Details to be released soon)

Tel: +9122 2651 1464 ~ +9198331 98371
Email: info@yogacara.in

Enrollment: http://yogacara.in/enrollment.php

Web: www.yogacara.in

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