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Yogacara is a tribute to BKS Iyengar. A devoted student of the Iyengar School of Yoga for 15+ years, Radhika quit her successful corporate career in San Francisco, to start Yogacara, a holistic wellness and stress management centre in 2010, after having experienced life-transforming changes with the practice of Iyengar Yoga and Ayurveda. She began Yogacara with the intention of enhancing human wellness and spreading these ancient Indian holistic health and wellness practices.

Radhika is also the author of "Just Breathe", a book based on her personal experience with Iyengar yoga and also the ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutras, that takes you on an inspiring  journey  to show you how to skillfully manoeuvre this complex game called, “Life”. "Each one of us is faced with a tremendous amount of impermanence, volatility and uncertainty in our lives, and thus learning how to live life skillfully, living yoga as a life practice is an integral learned art." 

Radhika  believes, "Our breath is by far the most powerful tool in helping us achieve balance, inner strength, and calm in our lives. It is also the gateway to the mastery of our minds, the root cause of all our unhappiness and dissatisfaction."

Our yoga teachings are about developing a strong and healthy mind and body, while also supporting our students to extend their practice beyond the walls of the studio and into daily life. 



With regular yoga practice our students achieve: Book a Trial Class

  • A strong, open, flexible spine and physical body
  • A balanced and healthy nervous system, and efficient respiratory system
  • Mental clarity, calm, and inner resilience
  • A strong and balanced inner core
  • Optimal mental, emotional, and physical health
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